Irish Voices talks to Brian Reilly, Right 2 Homes

Aug 21, 2017, 06:08 AM

Allow me a second to use a single word that deeply affects at the psyche of the Irish people perhaps deeper than any other over the last 200 years of our history. That emotive word is eviction. It’s meaning and connotations remind us all of the tortured times when many faced the wrath of law and landlord, losing the security, stability and serenity of a home. Social movements were formed to fight against the continuance of such practices, in the form of the Land League, the Cooperative Societies and political parties. Sadly, once again, evictions are happening across the island again in this 21st Century.

A movement called Right 2 Homes is at the forefront of efforts to protect the many thousands under threat of eviction due to the economic uncertainties of the present economic situation in Ireland. Up to 80,000 families are under threat at present as the Government of Ireland persue a policy of allowing ‘vulture capitalist companies” to take on the mortgages and loans of those people. Right 2 Homes, along with a wide range of political and social groupings want to bring in legislation and financial support to stave off such evictions, to avoid social and economic disaster, and to keep those people in their homes

On Friday last they launched their initiative to promote the National Housing Co-Op Bill in New York. They believe that, as in the past, by talking about the Bill in the United States, they will build momentum to convince political parties back in Ireland to fully support their efforts to see the Bill taken through the Oireachtas

I've been speaking with Brian Reilly, co founder of Right 2 Homes

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