Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 52: Celebrating One Year of CWTBG ! Top Finishers in Pro Wrestling.

Aug 21, 2017, 10:32 AM

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! One year of listening to the Big Guy. Is the gun loaded? Ryback invented marriage. Ryback invented everything. Doing a podcast with God. Ryback’s boring week. The Big Guy is feeling better! Serious Injuries. Dave Meltzer vs Wade Keller. Complete the Session!!! I’m a worker brother. The Boys in Blue. Special Presentations and the Star Struck Boys? The Song Didn’t Work!!! Dance Number Fail. We want to watch fake fighting!!! Pat BACK on Sam Roberts!!! Wrestling is ruining my life and marriage. 200 Burpees! What makes Pat feel old? Big Guy Comedy Hour. Rey MyCereal! Ryback’s guy in France. Ryback the Whiskey Guy. Wrestling News. Ryback is Social Media Free. Ric Flair’s health situation. Skip Strawberry??? Pat Shaved his beard off. Everyone in Wrestling has facial hair. Ryback and his hair. Raw News. Raw’s WrestlePro Security Team. Experiencing the Fear of NOTHING. Is Ryback doing a coloring book? Progress Wrestling and the New York Sweat Box! There’s no burned bridges in wrestling. Quit living in fear! Alberto El Patron Talk. Can Global Force get on the map? Does Pat Buck get angry that people don’t know who he is? Would Ryback do UFC? Did Ryback have smelly gloves? The Best and WORST Finishers.

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