Paul Rogers, Head of Digital & Social Media at AS Roma

Aug 24, 2017, 11:00 AM

Paul is an old friend of Digital Sport, having written one of the first articles on the site back in early 2010, and we've been keeping tabs on his work ever since.

Following 14 very successful years at Liverpool, where he initially went to help establish the club's first ever website back in 2001. He rose to leading the digital initiatives, especially on social media, before moving out to the US to join AS Roma (Paul explains how this works in our chat!) in 2015.

In our conversation we covered a multitude of subjects and stories including; - Making the worst transfer video they could this year at Roma to make light of the ever increasing seriousness they were done by others during this summer's break. - How he started out writing about hip hop concerts and had his first article published. - He used us to make a confession that he'd not shared before, when he landed his first internet job back in the boom. But it should have been another Paul they spoke to! - Liverpool being the first club to recognise that the future was in video, but being ahead of the game when technology, and more specifically broadband, wasn't up to speed. - Launching on Twitter in 2008, 24 hours after testing it their own accounts and then just going for it. They were amongst the first onto most platforms and were basically 'making it up as we went along'. - He was one of the first to see the power and opportunity in localised Twitter accounts, when others were busy launching various language websites. - We spoke about his personal manifesto for digital - one that contains sections on; how we've done things, the users perspective and the future of digital. - His views on the future of football's broadcast model and why he thinks football is in a good place at the moment. - And a little on Roma's link up with esports giants Fnatics and how esports will continue to grow, and potentially the lines will blur between traditional and esports in the future.

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