TNT 1837: CrashPlan B

Aug 23, 2017, 01:05 AM

We all know by now, contrary to logic, that unlimited rarely truly means no limits. Case in point is Verizon's announcement that those currently unlimited plans will have three different types of unlimited to choose from, each carrying their own unique limits of course. Not only do unlimited customers have to choose one of these plans, they have a days notice to do so. Medium has been working towards new ways for publishers on its platform to get paid. One new method takes the idea of likes and turns them into Claps that act as a tipping mechanism. The popular iPhone weather app AccuWeather is sending location information to a data monetization firm, even when you tell the app not to track you. Security research Will Strafach discovered the behavior and Zack Whittaker from ZDNET confirmed that AccuWeather is sending specific geodata to a third party company called RevealMobile. Cloud backup service CrashPlan announced that it's shutting down its home subscription service. And born out of a shortage of sign language interpretors in Belgium, Project Aslan, short for Antwerps Sign Language Actuating Node, is a 3D printed robotic hand that can translate written text as well as spoken language into sign language on the fly. Sarah Jeong, Senior Writer at The Verge joins us to talk about how history, not science, is to blame for sexism in the tech industry.

Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell

Guest: Sarah Jeong

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