Episode 25: Bubba’s revenge and the Great American Solar Eclipse


WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion, Darrell Wallace Jr. fills in for the absent Ryan Blaney and the gang talks about the letdown that was the eclipse.

Aug 23, 01:17 PM
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<user-4998311> - 24 days ago

I DO THE SAME THING KIM!!! I trip in my dream and it wakes me up!

<user-5010250> - 29 days ago

I was present when my Grandma's ashes were spread and there were no shards, it was just powder. When my rottweiler passed away I spread his ashes and there was nothing, very fine powder. Who is doing your cremations?

<user-4989188> - 30 days ago

So... My dad was cremated as well and I never wanted any of his ashes because I am clumsy and I could imagine it being the scene from Meet The Parents when Ben Stiller knocks the grandma off the mantle and the cat pees in the ashes... I would be haunted for the rest of my days.... And my boyfriend acts out his dreams in real life and has no clue the next day. He threw the blanket off the bed one night because he said there was a snake in the bed and he wrestled it to the floor. We now sleep with separate blankets.

<user-5020593> - about 1 month ago

Bubba’s get ryan