Episode 318-Baseball Fights Suck and The Weekly Mailbag

Aug 25, 2017, 02:01 AM

Morgan and Deuce start the show discussing Shady McCoy explaining why Kap isn't worth the distraction of being on a team (1:40), Deuce explains why he doesn't being chaos to a team (3:15), Durant explains the pressures players face when they play with LeBron (8:05), LeBron's twitter rant on the burning of jerseys(12:25), Morgan talks about Deuce being upset after a show again (16:20), they discuss the Yankees-Tigers brawl and the stupidity of baseball brawls (17:40), they try to understand why they want to fight (20:55), Deuce and Mo get into a stupid argument (25:20), they get to the Mailbag segment featuring questions about the All-Time Kings team (27:55), if there are any NBA trades that would shock them (32:50), go-shows on NetFlix (34:20), they look at Superfights between famous athletes and give McGregor-Mayweather predictions (40:05).