Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 53: The BEST and WORST Wrestling T-Shirts of all time!!!

Aug 28, 2017, 03:10 AM

Role Reversal? The Ryback Regeneration. Ryback still has the IC BELT! What are the requirements to be a Big Guy? Another Big Guy vs Big Guy? Pat trained a group of non wrestlers. The Lightsaber Guild? Just Boot someones head off. Who took the best turnbuckle? What can you add to a corner buckle? Selling? Why does Pat have heat with Trent? Pat’s AOL Group Chat. Shoulder update. Ryback has released everyone from Twitter Purgatory. The Big Guy BBQ. Ryback’s DVD idea. Ryback vs. All!!! J.O.B. Security. What did Ryback learn about Marijuana? It’s amazing how many older people watch wrestling? Her nipples were out!!! Ryback’s animal facility. His pecker is still growing! Pat almost ended his own life this week. The last kid in dodgeball? Pat makes an announcement. The power was with the boys. Is Ryback adding to the stress? What’s the greatest freedom in the world? Moving on to bigger and better things!!! SummerSlam Thoughts! You can only watch two elephants… let’s talk some Enzo. 205 Live Filler. Progress and WWE. UFC just got kicked in the dick. The BEAST PIT! Ronda Rousey on Total Divas. A Feel Good Wrestling Story. A GREAT Lio Rush story! Ryback and a female valet? Was the Shield Ryback’s idea? Theme music is beyond important. The Best and Worst Wrestling T-Shirts of ALL TIME!!! All this and MUCH MORE!!!

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