Missouri Football: Talking Handshakes, Havoc and Heart with Bill Connelly

Aug 28, 2017, 03:10 AM

Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan and David Morrison are joined this week by Bill Connelly to talk about Missouri's upcoming 2017 season.

SHOW NOTES: 2:01—Sunshine Pumping areas that Missouri can improve 3:30—What’s the biggest game on the 2017 schedule? 4:12—David thinks Auburn’s Kamryn Pettyway is going to Tre Mason Mizzou 5:08—Bill espouses the importance of continuity for offense 6:50—David reads the comments, doesn’t see the case for defensive turnaround 8:40—Can the defensive line make the same leap the offensive line did last year? 10:00—On Paul Adams, Tyler Howell, offensive line grades and scheme inflation 13:00—Drew Lock NFL hype and what would it take for for him to go pro? 16:30—Johnathon Johnson, DeMarkus Acy, Ronnie Perkins and future stars 21:15—”In all the position battles, I root for the younger guy.” - Bill C 22:25—Barry Odom’s hand in turning around the defense 24:15—The importance of causing havoc 27:45—Someone pees in David’s cheerios 28:40—”Bend Don’t Break” Defenses can’t give up 20+ yard gains 84 times like Missouri did in 2016. 29:35—Who the heck else causes havoc beside Marcell Frazier? 30:25—Putting a lot of hope in Kaleb Prewett’s potential 30:49—Half-time adjustments, 3rd down tactics and lessons learned from last year 33:40—Missouri still has a chance at a top 25 recruiting class y’all 34:50—We talk about the question: Would you take 6-6 if it was guaranteed? 37:30—Why do fans think Missouri need to win more than 6 games? 39:40—What are the 3 most important games on the schedule? 42:12—Tennessee, Kentucky or Vanderbilt 43:40—On 2007 Missouri: “The Colorado game was football p*rn” - Bill C. 45:46—What lessons can Barry Odom draw on from that 2007 team? 47:15—Mizzou fans LOVE HANDSHAKES 49:46—Bill’s Mizzou Football season prediction, SEC winners, playoff teams 54:30—Can stats measure heart? 56:00—LISTENER QUESTIONS! 1:00:30—Pardon some audio issues here when David is talking about Eric Beisel