Episode 47 - Trav SD, circus and variety journalist and historian

Aug 28, 2017, 05:28 PM

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On this week's episode Josh and Lyndsay talk about a new circus school opening in Philadelphia next month, a New York Times article about the premiere Russian state circus school, and sit down for an interview with Trav SD. Trav is revered circus and variety critic, journalist, performer and playwright. We talk a lot in the episode about the history of circus and vaudeville and Trav's storied career. If you enjoy the episode, please share it with your amigos and rate us on iTunes. Have a great week! [07:36] - Growing up in RI and falling for theatre[15:22 ] - Working for Tony Bennett and Big Apple Circus[20:20] - Writing career takes off[23:10] - Defining Vaudeville[25:51] - On writing No Applause - Just Throw Money and Travalanche[29:25] - Trav on "When did the circus become un-American"[46:35] - Trav's new show in development