r/cocofleshlights - a special report on this week's best reddit moment, and buildavagina.com

Aug 12, 2017, 12:26 AM

DYR SPECIAL PEAK MEME REPORT Last week, something beautiful happened on Reddit. In real-time, we got to watch the birth of a beautiful new baby subreddit. And just like the biological rumors of real mammal mating (though we can't confirm whether or not this is how real babies are made), this conception required the seed of an incredibly confused young man, and the accepting womb of a fresh, previously decorative coconut. From this beautiful fornication, a message was sent to the proverbial Internet stork that is r/TIFU. In return, a newborn legend was dropped in our lap in the form of r/cocofleshlight - a subreddit dedicated to stories of having sex with coconuts. Consider this podcast the baby shower to this sweet and precious babe. Also, our audio actually sounds good this week, we're trying a new format that we barely abided by, and trueswords.com still exists. Plus, Nazis are the equivalent of months-old milk that you just discovered in your fridge after a long vacation.