Episode 138 - Dave Crist (OI4K, OVE, CHIKARA, ROH, CZW, JCW, GFW)

Aug 31, 2017, 08:31 PM

WE'RE BACK!!! This week Damian sits down Ohio's own, DAVE CRIST. These two met in Japan & Damian quickly discovered that Dave goes way deeper than just wrestling & The Misfits. Not going to lie, this is a heavy one with lots of twists & turns, but my god... Dave has some stories to tell.

Also Touched On:

Two Gaijin Hangin' In Japan

Hearing The Misfits As Intermission Music & Aren't We All 138?

Hearing Guns N Roses While Recovering From Being Stabbed

23rd Chapter

The Hierarchy of the Dayton Punk Scene

“Don’t Be Those Guys, Don’t Be Straight Edge”

Becoming Straight Edge

Rolling With The Crew

Being A 12 Year Old Fight Starter

Starting A Band

Nearly Going To The X-Games: Being An In-Line Skater

Filling In For Battleground

Having A Legit Teenage Breakdown

Living On The Streets

Having To Get A Job To Make Rent

Building Ramps With The Stoner Next Door

Hardcore Sucks Now?

Getting Into Backyard Wrestling

& Much, Much More!!!