PG115: Hurricanes, Transgender Lawsuits, and Sanctuary Cities

Sep 02, 2017, 04:31 PM

This week, Mike and Jay start things off by talking about the politics of Hurricane Harvey, including the quality of the government's response, how well President Trump personally responded, and the role federal flood insurance plays in disasters like this.

Next, it's an update on President Trump's ban on transgender troops in the military. The Guys begin with a discussion the wisdom of Secretary of Defense Mattis's decision to allow transgender troops to stay in the military until a full review has been completed. After that, they talk about the two lawsuits that have been filed against the ban.

Finally, Mike and Jay revisit the issue of sanctuary cities, in light of a federal judge barring the enactment of Texas' sanctuary city prohibitions.

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Jay's Recommended Reading: The American Spirit is Alive in Texas |

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