OTLS #308 Sanchez Stays

Sep 03, 2017, 07:53 PM

Well... it looks like Alexis Sanchez is sticking around in North London for a little while longer. That, and a whole host of failed transfers made Deadline Day a bit of a damp squib didn't it? But it was still sooo much more exciting then England vs Malta. All that is covered off in this weeks OTLS along with a bit of chaos at West Ham too! Enjoy!

The clock is ticking! Not only on this years summer transfer window but also on the shelf life of the gags in this mid-week episode. Jim is back and casting a cynical and sarcastic eye over the futures of Philip Courtino, The Ox, Diego Costa and loads more as everyone gets very excited about footballs very own Eastender-esq drama. Enjoy.

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