Standard de Liege - Managing Sponsorship & Hospitality Without Spreadsheets

Sep 05, 2017, 12:18 PM

If you are in sponsorship and hospitality sales, you have probably become an expert in managing spreadsheets: one for accounting, one for ticketing, one for the caterer. Ooh… another one for the hospitality desk, … the list goes on. And of course your management wants to have a global view on all sales, occupancy, ROI, …

There must be another way to manage this, not? Royal Standard de Liège decided to implement iXpole, an innovative tool developed specifically to offer your business partners the best service. The system was implemented at the end of last season and is now in use. Romain Guilliams, project manager at Standard will share his insights and the lessons he learned. Is there really life after spreadsheets?

Romain Guilliams Standard de Liège Data Analyst

Luc Vanhecke iXpole Chief Commercial Officer