Unsure of their rights, migrant women workers face health risks

Sep 07, 2017, 02:28 AM

Migrant advocates have launched a campaign to highlight the challenges women of diverse ethnicities face in accessing health services.   Multicultural Health Week in New South Wales is focusing on bridging barriers to quality care.   Camille Bianchi and Hannah Sinclair reports.    (在澳洲的工作场所,移民女工人因为长时间无法上厕所而患上尿道炎。有些人早上七点开始工作,没有吃早餐的时间,直到下午一点才可以吃点东西。     移民活动家发起一个运动,呼吁对移民女工的健康服务应该有所改革。     下面请听陈芸的报道。  )