Jerry Newman, Sport Partnership Lead - EMEA at Facebook

Sep 07, 11:00 AM

Jerry has been working in sport since 1998 and ended up at Facebook via The FA and 8 years at Chelsea. We met at Soccerex where he was just about give a 1-2-1 talk with Tom Chick about his role. You can listen to that talk here:

In this chat you can expect to hear us cover;

- Landing his role at Facebook, and what it is he does.

- Roma's tongue-in-cheek approach to social media and how it helps them stand out from the crowd.

- How he sees Facebook complementing and not competing with sports broadcasters.

- Keeping up with the constant product changes at Facebook and Instagram.

- Using different styles and types of content between the two main platforms.

- Examples of Instagram Stories such as Chelsea's take over by John Terry as he talked about his match in goal for the side.

- Augmented Reality and how Instagram is leading us into this new way of interacting, at the moment, with our phones.

- The launch of 'Watch' with Real Madrid's documentary series "Hala Madrid" and how they're working with partners to create 20-25 minute higher quality shows for the platform.

- The launch of Ad Break within video, testing that out with sports partners such as Madrid.

- How clubs are using Facebook Live to drive new revenue opportunities.

- Using data from live and other engagements to unlock the potential of sponsorships.

- His views on how traditional business setups within sport are holding back digital opportunities and how Facebook helps to educate them on making the most of them.

- Sharing knowledge between teams/leagues.

- His views on fan-generated content and how it can be utilised by sport and broadcast.

Thanks to Jerry for taking the time to talk to us. A~nd to you for listening, hopefully all the way through. Do leave a rating/review if you enjoy the show.

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