New data confirms scant leadership diversity in Australian workplaces

Sep 07, 2017, 09:37 AM

New data reveals women from migrant backgrounds in Australia are disadvantaged when it comes to progressing to positions of leadership in the workplace.   The report, commissioned by the Diversity Council Australia, details how the combination of gender and cultural background presents barriers.   The findings have led to calls for organisations to re-evaluate how they determine a good leader.(新数据显示,澳大利亚移民背景的女性在升职和担任领导方面处于劣势。澳大利亚多元理事会委托撰写的一份报告称,性别和文化带来的双重障碍,阻止了移民女性进入管理层。多元理事会也敦促各机构改变思维,重新考虑好的领导究竟需要的是怎样的素质。请听记者吴音的报道。  )