Father Beelzebub and 4,000 Salutes

Sep 10, 05:12 PM

In episode 32, we learn about the princes of hell and their love of philosophical chats. We also discuss whether Velma from Scooby Doo got Lasik Eye surgery by now and reveal some exciting news at the end of the episode!

More importantly, this episode features the demonic possession of Anna Ecklund, who was hexed by her father at a young age and lived with demons for her *entire life* and Luka Rocco Magnotta, a really terrible guy who does really terrible things to both kittens and humans.

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<user-5036886> - 2 months ago

My cat got really restless during Christines' segment on KK (Don't worry I had headphones on so hopefully she didn't hear). I was like "Yeh, same kitty, same."
Love your podcast so much, I listen to it before I go to bed.
You guys are awesome. I'm team milkshake.
From The2Cats in Australia
P.S. Yes you still have Australian listeners.
P.S.S. Hope you'll eventually check these comments. Good luck with that thing in a weeks time Christine. Hope they find no dramas.