*BONUS* SportsPro editor Eoin Connolly on TBC Conference, the future of broadcast, Esports & how Brands can tap into Fan Loyalty

Sep 12, 2017, 11:00 AM

In this bonus edition, I caught up with SportsPro's Eoin Connolly SportsPro ahead of The Brand Conference (TBC) on 28th September which will see speakers from Formula 1, Tough Mudder, British & Irish Lions and many more.

In our sit down we covered a number of topics that will be touched upon during the event, and some that won't. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you'll be there on the 28th!

  • Sports broadcasting - how Copa90 are setting a new bar.
  • Where it is going with likes of Amazon coming into the fold as they spend £10m on ATP rights.
  • How clubs battle with being a club and becoming a brand. How do you strike that balance?
  • Player becoming brands and fans following them rather than the clubs, especially in this digital age.
  • How brands can tap into fan loyalty that sport uniquely has
  • Esports and how it fits into sport as we know it, and how sports pro cover it editorially
  • How much thinking about sports is looking at it from the wrong viewpoint
  • The biggest areas that have impacted the sports industry this year so far