123: Jerod Mayo thinks Patriots defensive communication is bigger problem than personnel

Sep 13, 2017, 12:22 AM

2:00 Jerod Mayo gives his reaction to the Patriots loss to the Chiefs, and breaks down what Kansas City did to shut down the Patriots offense.

7:00 Jerod Mayo explains why he was disappointed in the Patriots run game against the Chiefs, and what they can do to improve going forward.

10:00 Final takeaways from the Patriots-Chiefs game

13:00 Are the Patriots missing Jamie Collins? Why type of defensive player is the defense missing the most?

15:00 Jerod Mayo explains why the communication on the Patriots defense is more worrisome than their personnel.

18:00 Jerod tells story of Bill Belichick benched him his rookie year, and how well Belichick knows how to motivate his players.

24:00 Mayo and the crew go over the keys to the Patriots-Saints game

33:00 Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran break down their expectations from the Patriots-Saints games, and where Drew Brees ranks amongst the best QBs of all time.

38:00 We look at some fan reviews of Quick Slants the podcast, and answer questions from fans on Twitter.