2020 Presidential Sell-By-Date Democrats. @monicacrowley



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2020 Presidential Sell-By-Date Democrats. @monicacrowley

5. California Gov. Jerry Brown

Brown will be 82 years old on Election Day 2020. He first ran for president in 1976 — which is half a lifetime ago, even for him. And yet, when I spoke with knowledgeable Democrats, his name came up as much as just about anyone else's. They see him as uniquely able to take the fight to Trump. Something to keep an eye on: California is looking to move its primary right behind Iowa and New Hampshire. If it succeeds, Brown's stock shoots up and maybe the race gets more tempting.

4. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)

I don't think she will run — especially if Sanders tries again, as it seems he probably will. But if she did, Warren would instantly have a strong base of support. Democrats talked her into running for Senate. Could they talk her into running for president?

3. Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.)

Murphy has impressed plenty of folks since entering the Senate in 2013, particularly with his messaging. He's also got clear progressive bona fides — on gun control and fighting Trump — without seeming like too much of a Northeastern liberal. He says he's not interested in running, but nearly everyone thinks he'd be an instant contender. He may be the one guy on this list that not enough people are talking about.

2. Former vice president Joe Biden

Biden seems to have nothing but regret about not running in 2016. He said he thought he could have won and that he was the best-qualified candidate. Like Sherrod Brown, he seems like an obvious fit for a party that wants to win back the white working class and the Rust Belt. But he'll be 77 years old in 2020, and his previous presidential campaigns have gone basically nowhere. Being a well-liked vice president isn't the same as doing the hard work of running and winning by yourself. But Biden's time — if it ever comes — may be arriving.

1. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.)

In contrast to all the other names on this list downplaying their odds of running, Sanders seems to be gearing up for another go — and admitting it. Those around him seem to think it'll happen. He's a year older than Biden, but it's difficult to see why Democrats wouldn't believe he deserved a chance at being the nominee after what happened in 2016. And he remains pretty broadly popular with the American people. The big X-Factor here is the federal investigation into a land deal pursued by his wife, which appears to be no small nuisance


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