Curiosity on Vera Rubin Ridge. Bob Zimmerman,



(Photo: The image above is a reduced resolution version of a panorama created by reader Phil Veerkamp of images downloaded today from Curiosity. If you click on the image you can see the full resolution image. It looks to more to the east than the panorama shown in my September 6 rover update, revealing more of the type of surface the rover will have to cross on its drive forward on this new geological layer called the Hematite Unit.)

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Curiosity on Vera Rubin Ridge. Bob Zimmerman,

Curiosity has now topped Vera Rubin Ridge, but the plateau above is really not as flat as the image implies. The Hematite Unit that the rover is now traversing still climbs upward, and they will continue to gain altitude now with almost every drive.

Sep 14, 02:48 AM
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Mackie2 - 6 days ago

Ruby Ridge??