Wind River + The Mourning Forest + IT + Belle de Jour - Eclectica #128

Sep 14, 2017, 02:24 PM

 TAG! Stephen King's It!

This week Buñuel fans Aidan and Graham get drunk on the 're-release' of "Belle de Jour", while Rob and Ryan are the designated drivers. A singular Film of the Week leads us to a diverse set of recommendations for things to watch, and there's our usual Question of the Week (which is about secret lairs and societies but don't tell anyone because they're supposed to be secret).

We also have two Minority Reports and one home video review - which does raise the question of whether it's still a Minority Report when it's the majority - but never mind. Graham has Eureka/Masters of Cinema's Blu-Ray release of Naomi Kawase's "The Mourning Forest", while Rob and Ryan go to the cinema for Taylor Sheridan's "Wind River" and Andy Muschetti's "It" respectively. Which is scarier - institutionalized racism or clowns?

That's a trick question as the answer is obviously '80s nostalgia.

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