Spaceport Metropolis 2117. Bob Zimmerman,

Sep 16, 2017, 06:05 AM

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Spaceport Metropolis 2117. Bob Zimmerman,

“They want to have one launch a month,” Treviño said. “Think of the impact that one launch a month is going to have on our community, and when I say community I’m talking about the Rio Grande Valley.

“Obviously, it’s a benefit to Brownsville, it’s a benefit to Cameron County, but it’s a benefit to our entire region. Who would have ever thought that we could potentially be the host of our space program? There’s different things going on with regards to that, even if it’s just the launching of satellites, that’s going to be a great boost to our economy and our community. If they end up expanding the project to other endeavors, even better.”

Treviño is confident SpaceX will meet their timeline of December 2018, but will understand if there’s any delays. Treviño said the county is building an amphitheater for public viewings of the rocket launches, which will be beneficial for both parties.

“We’re hoping to make sure that this is a win-win for everybody,” Treviño said. “Whatever we can do to assist SpaceX from our perspective, we’re trying to do that to make that the schedule remains on time, but SpaceX has been very aggressive there. They’ve got their own timeline and they’ve been pretty good about keeping it.”