NFAND Episode 65 - Aris Mejias, actress and clothing designer - Skin Onion

Sep 17, 2017, 11:16 AM

Going indie as a designer was not in her plans. Necessity came knocking and she took her sewing skills and put them into action creating Skin Onion in 2012.

Lady Onion, as I now call her, is also an actress and appears in the upcoming (October 26) Puerto Rican film Sol de Media Noche, starring opposite Pedro Capó. Though we talk about the film a little bit in this conversation, our exchange centers more on her clothing experiment turned brand. I love that when necessity and desperation knocked at her door she made something of it. Her garments are soft, flexible, purposeful, and timeless.

Young, beautiful, and committed Lady Onion is just like her wearable expressions soft, flexible, and purposeful.

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