AMD drugs and the new £10 note

Sep 19, 08:00 PM

Chris Thorley has AMD and when one drug didn't work for him, he made a direct approach to his CCG and demanded that he be given an alternative treatment, Eylea. His unorthodox methodology paid off and his CCG agreed to fund a course of Eylea. Tom Walker met Chris and he told him his story.

Cathy Yelf CEO of the Macular Society explains how the charity was able to help Chris with advocacy and the regulations surrounding NICE guidance regarding the availability of Eylea in England.

Victoria Cleland Chief Cashier, tells Peter White about the thinking behind changes made to the new ten pound note.

Hazel Dudley and Geoff Long take a look at the new note and give their comments on the tactile features designed to assist blind and partially-sighted people.

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