September 19, 2017: Three Rules For Arguing With Teenagers Without Pushing Them Away

Sep 19, 09:51 PM

When faced with a conflict, do you suffer from the Triple A’s: apologizing, agreeing, and accommodating? Under pressure, are you more likely to compromise or hide your true feelings behind a tense smile or nervous laugh? Afterwards, do you find yourself ruminating or losing sleep over the situation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, conflicts in relationships trigger anxiety in you. When faced with the slightest disagreement, you may blank out, feel panic, or victimized. Until you learn to work through difficult feelings and accept that disagreements are healthy in relationships, true intimacy will remain elusive.​ Sage advice from psychotherapist Sean Grover, author of WHEN KIDS CALL THE SHOTS visit shares his parenting tips with Ethan and KGO listeners.

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