*Live Episode!* SkySports, Wimbledon & DAZN discuss the future of sports broadcasting at #DSLondon event

Sep 21, 2017, 11:00 AM

13th September saw the first #DSLondon monthly get together at the London Sporting Club. During the night we hosted a panel looking at the topic of 'The Future of Sports Broadcasting' (a small area to look at!). The speakers were;

  • Joel Seymour-Hyde (SVP Octagon) *moderator
  • Alexandra Willis (Head of Comms, Content & Digital at Wimbledon)
  • David Gibbs (Digital Director at SkySports)
  • Sarah Beattie (Head of PR & Social Media at DAZN)

Joel made sure none of the speakers got off lightly as he dissected many of the key topics the industry is facing. Having a mix of 'traditional' broadcaster, OTT platform and rights holder provided a great mix of views and issues.

The events run every month and details of them can be found on http://digitalsport.co/events/category/digital-sport-london or keep an eye on @DigitalSportUK