Where is it all going wrong? - Bolton pre-match podcast from the pub

Sep 21, 2017, 05:50 AM

Two more games played. Still no wins. Things are starting to get desperate. After a 1-1 draw against Reading - where Brentford should have bad the game wrapped up after 45 minutes - the Bees put out a much changed side against Norwich and were well and truly turned over.

The fans weren’t happy. How much longer can this go on for.

The Beesotted came together for a solemn session in The Distillers pub in Fulham Palace Road - just down from Hammersmith station - where they drowned their sorrows in all manner of assorted Pride unfiltered beer and Black Cab stout. Did it make things any clearer? Not really.

In the boozer:

Billy Grant Dave Lane Matt Allard

Lots and lots of questions including:

The Reading and Norwich matches. Were Brentford justified in fielding a weakened side? Were the crowd justified booing the players? Taking away 1200 or so Norwich fans there were around 3500 Brentford fans in the stadium for the Norwich match. About as many as we took to Birmingham 7 years ago in the same round of the same cup. If the club can’t be bothered to take it seriously then should they be upset if the fans don’t take it seriously?

Are Brentford lacking a leader? Is the balance of the team wrong? Are results now Dean Smith’s responsibility or the Director of Footballs’ responsibility?

Plus we discuss the forthcoming social on Saturday 14th October on the morning of the Millwall home match which will feature a conversation and Q&A with Brentford legend Bobby Booker. We discuss random stuff from the forthcoming Big Griffin Park book. Lionel Road. The appointment of a woman to the Brentford board. Diversity in football and the kerfuffle kicked up by the Lukaku song - seen as reinforcing racial stereotypes - which brought us to bring up the old skool Marcus Gayle song.

0m - Intro 7m 44 sec - Opinions of fans in the pub after the Reading and Norwich matches 21m 20 sec- Beesotted crew discuss Reading and Norwich matches. Fielding a weakened side. Booing. Who should be the Brentford leader? Are results the responsibility of Dean Smith now or are the Directors of Football culpable? 1h 15m 23 sec - Beesotted chat with Bobby Booker in the pub on Saturday 14th October - before Millwall game 1h 20 m 0 sec - Beesotted crew chat Big Book of Griffin Park, Lionel road developments, Diversity comes to Brentford Football Club in the way of a woman on the board. Plus we look ahead to the Bolton match 1h 40m 32 sec- End