r/r4r MOD INTERVIEW with u/4thinversion and u/zathalen100, and sensual moments with sun butter.

Sep 22, 2017, 07:50 PM

In this episode, we had the privilege to talk with u/zathalen100 and u/4thinversion, mods from Reddit's 'personals' sub, about some of the inside juice on r/r4r. Zath is an experimental podartist, so was recording through tin can connected to a piece of string, which made him extremely difficult to hear at times. However, 4th and Zath have the juice news on all latest from r4r, including Dr. Love, Middle-Eastern Fecal Visas, keyboard hypnosis, and a speculative James Deen sighting. Also, we briefly talk about anime. This episode brought to you by #trueswordsdotcom, bad cellphone service, and every Manga every made.