Episode #338: Quizzitch

Sep 25, 03:00 PM

- Slug Club member and Hogwarts Professor Kyle joins the show

- Eric and Andrew recap their Potter trivia night in Chicago

- Kyle talks about his Potter classroom and how it went viral

- How have his students reacted? Have more of them started to read Potter?

- What's been the response from the school? Teachers around the world?

- We learn about how Kyle incorporates Potter into his daily curriculum

- And he has a few tough questions for us: Does the Harry Potter series have a narrator?

- Should Squibs be allowed to take courses at Hogwarts?

- Episode 337 Rewind: Patrons share the courses they would teach at Hogwarts

- Healing, Magical Artifacts, Journalism, Music and more!

- The hosts tell which courses they would most like to teach... and play hooky from!

- Emails cover Newt's wand, The Cursed Child & a Horcrux-Obscurus theory!

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