The Rise & Fall of WCW

Sep 27, 2017, 11:00 AM

Fire up the podcast machine for PrimeTime with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sean Mooney as they talk all about WCW! It's a place that Hacksaw knows very well and he was there during its best days and its worst until it went out of business. Why did Jim decide to leave WWF and go to WCW? What was it like working there? Did he enjoy his time in WCW? What was the locker room, especially during like the last few years? What did he think of the nWo? What was it like being a part of Team Canada? They talk about all of it!

Plus, Jim opens up about his fight with cancer including how he found out about it to what he and his family did. Plus, they answer some of your questions as well. So grab your 2 x 4, sit back, and listen! Hoooo!