Episode #339: Of Course

Oct 02, 03:08 PM

- Cursed Child is open for registration!

- Eric and Micah share their Ticketmaster experiences while Andrew registers on air

- JKR won't pander to the fandom: is it the Encyclopedia or Marauder's story that's in jeopardy?

- Could Cursed Child have run for a week? Would fans have gone to see all five parts?

- Our thoughts on JKR's comments on the collaborative nature of Cursed Child

- JKR has given fans a lot since the release of Deathly Hallows - should we want more?

- The difference between giving fans too much and giving them what they want

- We tackle last week's Quizzitch question

- E-mail-bag: Maybe a Game of Thrones style Marauders story isn't all that bad after all

- The Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition hits store shelves this week!

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