Separatists in Iraq and Spain vote for independence

Oct 04, 2017, 02:00 AM

The right to self-determination is not only the core upon which we gauge human rights but it’s considered one of the fundamental freedoms the United Nations outlines as necessary to all mankind. So why is that when people look to exercise that freedom, it’s almost universally met with resistance? We spoke to Mina Al Droubi, reporter at The National, about what is happening in Iraqi #Kurdistan and what the referendum might mean in terms of the region actually gaining independence. In #Spain, another unrelated push for independence is coming from the Catalans as they look to achieve a long-desired autonomous state. We spoke to Richard Ferraris, who is reporting on the events in Barcelona. At home in the UAE, a new law will see for the first time in the region an excise tax hike aimed directly at urging consumers to make more health conscious decisions. The tax includes a 100 per cent hike on both cigarettes and energy drinks and a 50 per cent tax on cola. This could be a precursor for more moves of its kind in the future, Roberta Penington told us.

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