Episode #340: Verified Jerk

Oct 09, 03:51 PM

- Eric and Andrew gear up for another trivia night

- Cursed Child's Broadway registration is now closed!

- We review the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition

- Our main discussion centers around the new Fantastic Beasts casting news

- We question if there is any relation between Eric and Spielman?

- Andrew explains the relationship between Jessica Williams and JKR

- Travers and Rosier: we discuss the two known Death Eaters

- Nicolas Flamel will appear in Fantastic Beasts 2! In present-day form or in a flashback?

- Could Grindelwald be in search of the Sorcerer's Stone? Is that story too familiar?

- Will Flamel assist Newt in his latest journey?

- Carmen Ejogo is back as Seraphina Picquery. Will her appearance be short-lived?

- Andrew attempts the sequel to HP Encyclopedia: The Musical

- Emails and voicemails return, with a text message thrown in the middle

- In Bonus MuggleCast -- available on Patreon -- We discuss the prank Sirius and James played on Snape. What was going through Sirius' mind? Does it affect our view of him?

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