Episode 33: The Katie Nolan 'Promposal' and shower beer

Oct 11, 10:30 AM

WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion, Ryan Blaney, Kim Coon and Chuck Bush talk about shower beer and Blaney musters up the courage to ask Katie Nolan to attend NASCAR's awards banquet with him.

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<user-5062645> - 29 days ago

I'm catching up on the past podcasts and laughing all the way.

<user-4988988> - 29 days ago

I bet Ryan uses Soul Glo

<user-5060648> - about 1 month ago

I love the intro to the shows its great

<user-5020611> - about 1 month ago

I'm a 62 year old man Kim, and I love to listen to the podcast. Ryan, I love the way you win with class. So sick of burnouts. Hope Katie answers you. Love the show guys, keep up the good work.

<user-5010355> - about 1 month ago

If Katie Nolan says no, she’d be dumb if she did, then ask Daisy Ridley.

<user-4985763> - about 1 month ago

Ok, here's a question for next week's podcast. Ryan, you're my driver and I love the move to Penske...But is this image floating around of your Menards car on a hero card, all yellow, with yellow wheels true or just a concept? For the love of God, please say no. These eyes need to be able to function.