October 11, 2017: How To Make Good Choices For Your Wellbeing

Oct 12, 05:03 AM

Are you worried that you’ll make the wrong choice today? It might be a decision that is life changing – like to stay or leave your current job - or something must simpler – like which route will be the fastest way to get work. But with more information available to us than ever before, the truth is that it’s become increasingly difficult to feel confident that we’re making the right choices and studies suggest that this is impacting our happiness and wellbeing. “The fact that some choice is good and gives you a feeling of freedom and power, doesn't necessarily mean that more choice is better,” said Barry Schwartz of Swarthmore College, the author of The Paradox of Choice, when I interviewed him recently. “As your number of choices grow, you reach a point where instead of being liberated by options, you become paralyzed, make bad decisions because you’re overwhelmed and even when you make good decisions you’re dissatisfied with them because you think the alternative may have been better.” Ethan speaks with Michelle McQuaid all the way from Melbourne Australia about her recent article in Psychology Today about making good choices and your overall wellbeing!

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