HOMESTAY FATHER DIARY 02 - 我在无锡给15岁澳洲少年作了4天Homestay Father (二)

Oct 11, 2017, 10:10 PM

Homestay Father Mr Yang discovered that James has really good habits. Doesnt have to be woken up by others, even wakes up earlier than his twins. Before James leaves to go to school, his room will always be really tidy. So he decided to take James to eat Wu Xis famous Furry Crab. Interview with Mr Yang to talk about the experience of being a Homestay Father. - 尽管只是短暂的相处,但无锡的杨海涛先生却对墨尔本KINGSWOOD COLLAGE 15岁的交流生 JAMES 良好的生活习惯赞赏有加。