The Corker quandary. @lizpeek

Oct 13, 12:00 AM


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The Corker quandary. @lizpeek

Given that there will be widely divergent estimates of how lower taxes will impact the economy and the budget deficit, Corker will have cover for however he votes. Democrats can be counted on to discount any additional growth to come from reduced taxes, which will drive up estimated revenue shortfalls. Others will forecast a more positive impact from simplifying and reducing taxes, and from encouraging corporations to invest more in the U.S.

In the past, the senator has supported measures to boost economic growth, such as those underpinning the Trump agenda – like lower taxes and lighter regulations -- which is perhaps why he was reelected in 2012. Now that he is wavering in those commitments, his popularity in his home state has plunged – to 34 percent in one recent poll, even as Trump maintains much higher approval in Tennessee. Perhaps that is why Corker will not run for reelection, and why he is so peeved at the president.

Maybe that is why another poll showed 77 percent of Tennessee Republicans trust Trump, but only 40 percent have confidence in their senator.

Let us hope that Corker earns back that trust by putting his personal feelings aside, and doing what’s right for the country and for Tennessee.

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