New York, Washington and Los Angeles are not hearing the rest of America. @salenazito

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New York, Washington and Los Angeles are not hearing the rest of America. @salenazito

Here in West Newton, only ghosts remain of its once ‘esteemed' Times Sun; their first building along the railroad tracks only carries a faint trace of its existence on the side of the building. When the owner James Quigley Waters Jr. died in 1930 after running the paper for 34 years, local papers noted it widely — when it was forced to close that location nine years later, only a want-ad notice ran in the Pittsburgh Press for the sale of the building and its presses.

The text of the ad read: "All reasonable offers considered."

Several decades later, the Times Sun existed on Main Street as a weekly — all print ended in 2015 – and all that is left now is a shuttered office that fit nicely on Main Street; the brick was yellow, the storefront was charming — a big American flag sat in one window facing the street, a bulletin board in the other.

It is a throwback to another time.

It's a peculiar thing when a newspaper dies, especially in a small town that even admitted a hundred years ago in the pages of the Times Sun that commerce here was "slow moving" at best.

There rarely is a proper obituary for old newspapers, nothing to chronicle how they were there when the school board was caught in a corruption sting, or how the local volunteer fire department saved the elderly couple on River Road. No one to praise when reporters held the town council accountable for reckless spending or caught a local politician taking cash from a union official or how the town rallied when flood waters crested the banks of the Youghiogheny or saved people when the train derailed.

It just dies.

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Mackie2 - 6 days ago

Speaking of Weinstein, why did the New York Times make it public, an do they now regret it?