Iran blunted and Pakistan corralled. @sebgorka

Oct 13, 04:31 AM


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Iran blunted and Pakistan corralled. @sebgorka

I was in the Oval Office with President Trump the last time the Administration had to take this decision that happens every 90 days.

Then the President did not want to recertify Iranian compliance and only I and Steve Bannon, the President’s Chief Strategist, were in support of his decertifying the deal. The others in the room, Rex Tillerson, General McMaster, and Secretary Mnuchin all argued for recertification, and against his better judgement, the President decided to recertify compliance.

However, his instinct was not to do so, and it was the right instinct.

Since then, and after leaving my position in the White House, I have stood by my prediction that the President will not recertify the deal a third time, and my conversations with him have reinforced me in that expectation.

I know President Trump does not wish to create what some in his cabinet refer to as a potential “crisis” by fully withdrawing us from the deal completely and is therefore going with simply decertification. (He has every right to unilaterally withdraw use from the whole agreement, since the Obama White House deliberately demurred from making the JCPOA an international treaty since they knew it would never be approved by the Senate, so the decision to do so would be his alone)

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