Drone known unknown. Abigail Hall @Mercatus @MissAbigailH

Oct 13, 2017, 04:40 AM

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Drone known unknown. Abigail Hall, @Mercatus @MissAbigailH

"...Do drones increase the safety of U.S. citizens by killing enemies? The answer isn't as clear as it might first appear.

Even where drone use is effective in surveilling and killing targets identified by the U.S. government, they contribute to a broader sense of terror among the general populace. One potential effect of this drone-created terror is the creation of a new generation of enemies targeting U.S. citizens.

These secondary effects of drone strikes are rarely, if ever, discussed by policymakers, mainly because they fail to consider how drones are perceived by those living in the areas targeted by drones. What American policymakers view as a noble fight against terrorism is viewed by those living in the targeted area as an intervention by a foreign aggressor. The result is discontent -- if not outright hatred -- for America, which is represented by the drone.

In many ways little has changed under Donald Trump. He has perpetuated the largely unconstrained drone program established by his predecessors. But President Trump's renewed commitment to drone use as a central feature of U.S. foreign policy offers an opportunity to revisit these issues and consider them in light of American values -- including a respect for the person and property of not just American citizens, but of innocent people around the world...."