Upcoming Season 1.5 Preview: Brunswick

Oct 16, 2017, 09:00 AM

*Note: We will be omitting certain names throughout this season, and are still trying out various methods to find the best way of doing so. The first time you hear this, you may think it's an audio glitch--it's not. We'd love to get feedback on FB or twitter regarding the choice of omission noise. This preview is an introduction to Brunswick, GA, Glynn county, and the landscape of Monica and Michael Bennett--both their late-80s reality and life in the southeastern coast of the United States. Michael 14, and Monica, 15, went missing in June of 1989. They were reported as runaways two days after they disappeared, and the redacted police report give little hint as to what might have happened to them--but a secret told that summer might finally shed light on that mystery. Join us for season 1.5 as we untangle the complex knot of memories, rumors, and family stories that can help us understand what may have happened to Monica and Michael Bennett. The first episode will be out Mixed and mastered by Encompass Podcast Studio: EncompassPodcastStudio@gmail.com

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