Episode 34: Dale's baby names, Dega and the delicacy of beaver

Oct 18, 01:18 PM

WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion, Ryan Blaney, Kim Coon and Chuck Bush provide suggestions on what Junior should name his baby, Dega shenanigans and the delicacy of beaver.

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<user-5043862> - about 1 month ago

Listened to GCOE on flight from Dallas to San Diego. Laughed the beer out the mouth onto seat back monitor when Chuck said he ate beaver!! OF COURSE Ryan and Kim are going to go there!! Fun as hell! - San DiegIAN NASCAR Steve

<user-5060648> - about 1 month ago

What did Katie Nolan decide? Hell if she declines I would ask Kim, shes really cool. Kim looks good and has a sense of humor which is HUGE and a rare find. Prefers dogs over cats. Shares common interests and understands what you do for a living.

However dipping your pen in the company ink (being that your essentially co-workers) can Have repercussions. Hell with the age gap, you two get along great.

I also enjoyed Dales comment Opening the show. Dale Jr has always been my favorite, however each week Blaney is evening the field.

Look foward to watching Blaney grow as a driver and a person.

I really feel he is going to become the Most Popular Driver like Junior has been for many years


marshmellow.8781 - about 1 month ago

Opie Kenobi 😂


Lish16 - about 1 month ago

Flip side of babies named Linda (and I'd add Bruce!), just wait for a whole generation of grandmas named Madison, Brittany, Tiffany...

<user-4989746> - about 1 month ago

Can't wait for the racing this weekend in "Can-Saw"


RyanGerken24 - about 1 month ago

Harry Hogge: Cole, you're wandering all over the track!
Cole Trickle: Well, this son of a bitch just slammed into me!
Harry Hogge: No, no, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he didn't slam into you, he RUBBED you. And rubbin', son, is racin'. [Cole slams into the wall side-ways] Oh, there goes a fender. [Cole slams into another car] There goes a quarter-panel. [Cole slams into other cars and causes a multi-car crash; Harry just shakes his head in disbelief and face-palms]