Will DJ Campbell's Finest Moment Inspire Bees? - Sunderland Pre-Match Podcast from the Pub

Oct 19, 05:50 AM

Brentford are on a run. Five leagues games without loss now. OK only two of those are wins but it’s a start. And with underperforming Sunderland coming to town, it’s a perfect opportunity for the Bees to continue their unbeaten streak.

Unfortunately, it’s never as easy as that.

The last time The Bees beat Sunderland was back in 2006 - DJ Campbell scored a brace to knock The Black Cats out of the FA Cup and send Bees fans into ecstasy. Short lived ecstasy. As a result, Campbell was sold to Birmingham City for about 50 pence.

The Brentford crew met up in The Tap on the Line pub right in Kew Gardens Station to shoot the breeze and psyche themselves up for the weekend - discussion the Millwall win the weekend before. The hilarious Bob Booker social that preceded the Millwall match. We had a look back at the predictions Championship fans made at the beginning of the season to see who was right and who was way off.

And we speak to Sobsy from A Love Supreme Sunderland Fanzine about all things Sunderland.

0 min - Intro

11m 57 sec - Fans in the pub after the Millwall game

17m 32 sec - Beesotted crew talk Millwall match

37m 50 sec - Audio clip from the Bob Booker Unfiltered social at The Globe last weekend (full podcast is available by clicking here http://bit.ly/2yx2b5a)

42m 42 sec - A look back on the bloggers’ league table from the start of the season - which teams have done as well as their fans thought and which teams have done worse? - http://bit.ly/2yByNgb

1hr 06 m 49 sec - Ask Sobsy. The Beesotted crew chat to Sobsy from A Love Supreme Fanzine about Sunderland’s season so far and the match at the weekend

1hr 16 m 54 sec - Beesotted crew talk Sunderland and predict scores

1hr 22 m 50 sec - END

In the podcast we referenced the Championship Bloggers' Pre-Season Predictions which can be found by clicking here (Predictions article Part 1 - http://bit.ly/2ytc468) and here (Predictions Article Part 2 - http://bit.ly/2x7hsrH)

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