The Suspicious Death of a Minor + Blood Simple + The Snowman - Eclectica #133

Oct 19, 2017, 05:57 PM

The Unveiling of Little Frank

It’s carnage this week. Complete lawless misrule.

What could have caused this? Was it the orange skies? The smooth jazz playing in the background? The release of a new Michael Fassbender film?

It’s the latter, obviously, as Film of the Week "The Snowman" gets Ryan, Graham, Aidan, and new recruit Andrew ironically hot under the collar. We also discuss our favourite Fassy films in Question of the Week - and never before has the phrase “I love Shame” been said so frequently outside of certain Soho gentlemen’s establishments.

Off the Shelf provides only comparative normality, and it’s Giallo handbags at dawn for Ryan with Arrow’s "The Suspicious Death of a Minor" while Aidan goes right back to the roots of the Coen brothers with Studio Canal’s re-release of "Blood Simple". As always, we end on a look ahead to next week’s releases which gives us a chance to find out which of us is unacceptably excited about Geostorm.

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