Episode #342: A History of Magic

Oct 23, 03:06 PM

- Welcome Slug Club member Irvin!

- Cursed Child tickets go on sale and we're left in the dust!

- Until Katy (and her husband) come to the rescue!

- We discuss ticket prices - why were no special offers made for people buying both Parts 1 & 2?

- Listeners share their Cursed Child ticket buying experiences

- We review Harry Potter: A Journey Through A History of Magic

- The book details the exhibition currently at the British Library

- It feels like touring a museum (in a good way)

- We explore the original synopsis JKR sent to Bloomsbury

- The Harry Potter world owes a lot to then 8-year-old Alice Newton

- Ghost panels, statues, a selection committee of professors - the Sorting Hat that almost wasn't!

- Fudge and Vernon Dursely were originally going to be coworkers? WHAT?!

- We look at JKR's early list of Hogwarts professors: Enid Pettigrew, Oakden Hernshaw, Mopsus?

- Harry and Ron almost met the merpeople in Chamber of Sercrets!

- Steve Kloves shares his story and how judging a book by its cover almost cost him the films

- Quizzitch: In Prisoner of Azkaban, what does Snape task students with in their year-end lesson?

- Voicemails on Grindelwald and Wizarding World theme park

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