Episode 335-Kings First 4 Games, Suns Drama and World Series

Oct 24, 2017, 04:11 PM

Deuce and Mo return to go over the Kings loss in Phoenix (1:20), the debut of Bogdan Bogdanovic (4:12), Buddy's struggles (6:10), trying to have perspective with this team (9:25), how good De'Aaron Fox has been (11:20), the Kings not getting to the line enough (14:35), Deuce wants to beat the Pelicans and Boogie more than anything (19:00), the cool podcast that they will be doing on Friday (23:50), the drama surrounding the Suns (26:35), Bledsoe's lame tweet (29:30), if a Warriors player cross the lined (34:00), why Steph should've been suspended (36:20), Deuce gives the Grizzlies some love (39:20), when the Sixers will unleash Embiid (42:00), what they expect with the World Series (43:47) and they hit on some NFL topics (50:10).