Seven Of The Best (7OTB) players to ever play for Newcastle United FC

Oct 26, 2017, 03:00 AM

Hello Football Friends,

Welcome to the countdown of the seven best players to play for the Northern footballing powerhouse, Newcastle United. This podcast is a history of the best of the best to ever pull on that famous black & white shirt.

Newcastle is a big club and the geordie faithful have seen some of truly fantastic players (not too many in recent years).

It was hard to make a list of just 7 but I see no fault in my choices, if you don't agree, pick your 7OTB by tweeting your lucky 7 to @thefootballhour using the #7OTBNUFC

Each week we shall be picking a different side, next weeks is NUFC but before then enjoy this episode about the red half of North London.

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Hope you enjoy the pod.

Big Love Alex.

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