PT 2 - She Might Have Really Insulted Her Friends Who Just Got Married...With A Gift?

Oct 25, 2017, 12:24 PM

We asked y'all what drama do you have going down this morning that you need our help with (or that we can at least follow along with)...and y'all delivered.

Her best friend, who's named "Anna" (like in the movie, "Frozen" - AHN-NAH) just got married, and so she sent Anna and her husband a cute inside joke from the movie.

It was the scene where Anna and the Prince she's in love with sing the line "We finish each other's...sandwiches."

The thing is, NOWHERE on the t-shirts does it say that the joke is from "Frozen"...and the couple is overweight.

And then something else happened that made her think they're offended...